Ingersoll Appliance Repair Services

Looking for a dependable appliance repair service in Ingersoll or the nearby regions?

Allow Max Appliance Repair to alleviate your home appliance worries! Our skilled technicians are dedicated to delivering prompt, professional, and trustworthy repair services for all brands, spanning from stoves and ovens to refrigerators, dishwashers, and washers/dryers. Count on our technicians to swiftly identify and implement effective solutions!

Our same day household appliance repair services are unbeatable! Get the quality you deserve today at a great price, all with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Ingersoll appliance repair services

In our family-operated appliance repair enterprise, we prioritize the needs and preferences of each customer. Beyond mere repairs, we ensure exceptional service that places a premium on both value for money and efficiency, aiming to deliver complete satisfaction with every job – executed with precision!

Our Appliance Repair Services in Ingersoll

Delivering exceptional appliance repair services in Ingersoll, regardless of your appliance brand. Benefit from same-day service for stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers, all at budget-friendly prices! Our team is well-versed in servicing popular appliance brands. Don’t delay – give us a call today on (226) 840-6671 for an appointment you can count on!

Ingersoll Dishwasher Repair

Max Appliance Repair serves as the ultimate solution for all your dishwasher repair requirements. Whether you require a swift fix or comprehensive repairs, our team is ready to assist. We possess the expertise to diagnose and address issues ranging from clogged filters and worn gaskets to more serious faults like motor problems, thermostats, and electronics – irrespective of the dishwasher machine brand. Save time, energy, and money by entrusting us to swiftly restore this crucial appliance to perfect working order.


Ingersoll Fridge Repair

Your refrigerator is a vital home appliance, enabling you to safely store food and uphold a healthy diet. If something seems amiss – whether it’s inefficient cooling or unusual noises – don’t hesitate! Reach out to us for prompt and dependable fridge repairs. Our team of certified and experienced professionals will swiftly identify the issue and offer you a budget-friendly, effective solution.

Ingersoll Oven Repair

From baking cakes to roasting vegetables, your oven plays a crucial role in every kitchen. However, if you observe erratic temperatures or hear unusual noises emanating from the appliance, it’s time to enlist the assistance of a professional technician! Our specialists are adept at oven repairs and can swiftly identify any issues that might be hindering your ability to whip up delicious meals. Don’t delay – reach out to us now, and we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly in your kitchen again soon!


Ingersoll Stove Repair

Maintain peak cooking performance with our outstanding appliance repair services offering stove repairs. Our certified technicians are available around the clock and arrive fully equipped, eliminating concerns about being confined to the kitchen while awaiting stove repairs. Our well-equipped vans carry all the necessary brand-specific parts and tools to address any issue, regardless of its size. Allow us to ensure that your food is cooked perfectly every time!

Ingersoll Washer Repair

When your washer demands repairs and interrupts the rhythm of keeping yourself and your family presentable, prompt action is essential. Leaks, motor malfunctions, faulty pumps – these are prevalent washer issues with various potential causes within the complexity of an appliance like a washing machine. Our local specialists at Max Appliance Repair provide swift and reliable washer repairs for all brand types. The solution to your repair needs is just a phone call away!


Ingersoll Dryer Repair

If your dryer is causing issues during clothes drying or damaging your garments, contact our dryer repair service team to ensure optimal efficiency. We assure prompt and professional repair services with same-day appointments; our repair specialists will arrive promptly with all the necessary tools for a comprehensive diagnosis and the required repairs. Say goodbye to those bothersome laundry noises and other concerns now – we’re here to address your appliance problems!

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    Same day appliance repairs near Ingersoll

    Ingersoll Appliance Repair Specialists

    Same Day Appliance Repair Services

    With more than 15 years of expertise, Max Appliance Repair stands as a seasoned professional appliance repair company. Our specialization lies in the repair of all major brands and models of appliances, and our prompt and amiable technicians consistently prioritize your needs. Equipped with vans stocked with brand-specific parts and tools, we are ready to address any issues you may encounter with your household appliances.

    Call (226) 840-6671 for super professional services

    • Open 7am to 10pm for same day repairs
    • Service Ingersoll and the surrounding areas
    • Free service call on all repairs
    • Up to 3-month warranty on most appliance parts

    Prevent poorly functioning or broken appliances from disrupting your day – rely on the assistance of Max Appliance Repair in Ingersoll for hassle-free service you can trust. We provide same-day appliance repairs, arriving with fully equipped vans containing the necessary tools and appliance parts.

    We Repair Appliances All Across Ingersoll

    Our same day service all across Ingersoll means that you don’t need to deal with long wait times or high prices.

    Questions From Our Customers in Ingersoll

    I am having an issue with my washing machine. When it is powered on and I press the start button, the start button blinks but the machine does not start. After about 30 seconds the washer turns off automatically. Can someone in Ingersoll help me fix this issue?

    We are sorry to hear you are having this problem. We understand how frustrating this can be when you have laundry to get done. Sometimes a blinking start button means the washer thinks the door is not shut. Try unplugging your washing machine for about 5 mins, then plug it back in to see if that resets the issue. If this does not work, give us a call. We have repairmen in Ingersoll and the GTA who can help you fix this issue.

    My glass stovetop has been damaged. The glass on the corner has shattered so I believe the entire stovetop will need to be replaced. Can you provide me with a quote for this problem?

    Of course, we can! But first – please be careful with any broken glass, as you don’t want to get hurt. If there are any broken glass shards, do not pick them up with your bare hands – always pickup broken glass with a damp paper towel. Give us a call and we can give you a quote for one of our Ingersoll technicians to take a look!

    My fridge is making a very high-pitched noise. This is an extremely high-pitched pulsing noise that stops when I open the fridge but starts again when I close it. I work during the week in Ingersoll, can you come on the weekend?

    Yes. Noises coming from your fridge is a very common issue that our technicians deal with all the time. Our Ingersoll technicians work 7 days a week in Toronto and the GTA, so we can help take a look at your fridge on the weekend. Give us a call and we will send a repairman over right away to help fix your fridge.

    My freezer is making a lot of noise and is not freezing the food inside anymore. I live in Ingersoll, how fast can you get here?

    We are sorry to hear you are having this problem. We understand how serious this is, we don’t want all your frozen food to go to waste. But don’t worry, we can definitely help you! Our Ingersoll appliance repair technicians are available 7 days a week, with same-day appointments. Please give us a call and we will send someone over right away to help assess the problem with your freezer.

    My dishwasher is not working. At the end of the last cycle, there was a burnt rubber odour and then it stopped working. Can you fix this?

    Yes, we can help fix this problem. The smell of burning rubber usually means something inside the dishwasher fell onto the heating element, causing the smell. Give us a call and we will send a repairman to take a look at your dishwasher and get it back into working order.

    We just moved into a new house and our dryer needs to be cleaned. The lint needs to be taken out of the nooks and crannies. Do you offer a service for this in Ingersoll?

    Congratulations on moving into a new house! Yes, we do offer a service to clean the lint out of your dryer! Give us a call and we will send one of our Ingersoll technicians to help you.